Dear Patients and Friends,

We continue to follow the guidelines established by the CDC and the American Dental Association. Dental offices are permitted to see patients in the management of essential emergencies during NY on Pause.

In the event you experience an emergency, we can and will provide you with emergency care. You may be asked a variety of questions before you are allowed into the office. We will determine if you fit into the specific definition of needed emergency care and how we wish to treat your issue. As health-care providers, dentists and their teams are trained on the CDC guidelines for infection control and using the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, and protective shields. In fact, dentistry has always been at the lead in infection control in the health professions.

Following NY on Pause and reopening of our practice to the full range of dental care options, you can be assured we are following strict infection control guidelines. Those guidelines will be very stringent during the initial phases of reopening. We have taken this time to study and make ourselves experts on COVID 19 and infection control.

We have taken additional steps to minimize the risk of spread of infection. We have gone beyond the recommendations of the regulatory agencies. Initially, we will attempt to minimize the use of equipment that creates airborne spray or use equipment that will minimize aerosol production. As well as reducing airborne particles by increasing airflow and having medical grade air purifiers in each room. All of this is for your safety, as well as ours.

During this time there will be a lot of things that may seem different in the dental office, but we wish our office to be considered a safe environment.

Stay safe and stay well.
Take good care.

Dr. Ira Levine, DDS, MAGD

For further information on COVID 19 and Infection control, please see the following links.

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